# Left side Y and Z

Special thanks to Thomas Pacheco for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how you write initial Y and Z in steno, like in the words "zoo" and "young".

# Left side Y

Left side Y is given by the outline KWR.

# S T K P W H R A O * E U F R P B L G T S D Z
  • KWREP: yep
  • KWRUPL: yum
  • KWROUR: your
    • Do not use KWRUR, you will need it later.
  • KWROUPBG: young
  • KWRORBG: York
  • KWROE: yo

# Left side Z

Left side Z is given by the outline S*. However, if there is a conflict, sometimes we get Z from the much larger STKPW.

# S T K P W H R A O * E U F R P B L G T S D Z
  • S*EUG: zig
  • SA*G: zag
  • S*ED: Zed
  • SA*P, STKPWAP: zap
  • S*EUT: zit
  • SO*EPB: zone
  • STKPWEFR: zephyr

# Briefs

Chord Translation Notes
KWR why The letter Y
KWR-D idea
KWR-L, KWR-LD ideal

# Practice

# 1. Translate

Write the English sentence represented by these outlines, including punctuation.

# 2. Find outlines

Find steno outlines that will write these English sentences, including punctuation.

  1. I am in the zone, your talking will not get in my way even if you beg.
  2. When you are almost 14 you may start to get some zits. Do not fret, no one will see them as long as you do not go to school.
  3. I have an idea: why trouble your thoughts with things such as putting on pants? It is easy to walk the world with no pants at all. Go loose!
  4. It is not ideal, but I will take it off your hands.
  5. Why on earth do you bother with trying to getting into his group? He is such a knob.
  6. I have to zig-zag in the roads to get to work.
  7. That fence will zap you if you touch it.
  8. Yo dude, as the young people say. Why are you staring at me that way?
  9. I want to live in New York.
  10. Yum, you make awesome food.
  11. Yep, that is me all right.