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# S T K P W H R A O * E U F R P B L G T S D Z


  1. Add TPH-R to the Plover dictionary
  2. Triage Plover dictionary issues
  3. Add tooling around practice material
    • Consider integration with another tool, look at their formats?
  4. Make it easier to find the author of art of chording
    • About the author article?
    • Or a footer
  5. Do I want interactive examples inside the book, or do I want a system where I link it out to another service like typey type?

# Brainstorming

  • Animated steno display for this page… Christmas lights style.
  • Add finger-placement indicators to steno display
  • Move steno order to end of "The Layout" section, and just mention that the layout reads left-to-right before that.
    • Add arrows to steno order page.
  • Add glossary page
  • Have midchapter and end-of-chapter review pages
  • Convert lessons from Markdown to JavaScript + Vue components.

# Lesson plan for prefixes

I have to go back and introduce prefixes early. I think that maybe between "The Layout" and "Hidden Sounds" I could introduce "Multistroke Words" starting with Prefixes and Suffixes in a little lesson that covers RE-, A-, -S, -G, and -D. Then I could go on to show multistroke root words and contrast and compare.

This would allow me to introduce more common prefixes and suffixes in hidden sounds, which provide a natural time to introduce certain affixes.

Categorize by... alphabet? Frequency? Similarity?

  • ^s, a^, ^ed, ^ing
  • re^, in^, ex^, ^'s, ^ly, ^ry, ^cy, ^ity, de^, un^, im^, en^, ^er, be^, ^or, em^, ab^, ir^, ^ish, ^ous, ^ure, ^ule, ^ance, ^ence, ^is, ^in, ^et, ^es, ^an, ^ent, ^ant, ^ine, ^ar, ^ide, ^ite, ^ese
  • con^, off^, out^, e^, over^, non^, sub^, on^, up^, co^, or^, for^, fore^
  • dis^, mis^, pro^, pre^, under^, mal^, dys^
  • ^ive, ^ively, ^ivety ^ic, ^ize, ^ized, ^ist, ^est, ^ism
  • ^y, ^up, ^a, ^ia, ^ual, ^ually, ^e, ^out, ^ie, ^ee, ^um, ^ian, ^ium, ^us, ^io, ^uous, ^ious, ^ied, ^iest, ^off, ^iate
  • ^ment, ^le, ^p, ^th, ^n, ^ch, ^sm, ^rd, ^sh
  • ^ness, ^less, ^able, ^ible, ^ability
  • ^al, ^ate, ^th, ^ary, ^iary, ^age
  • ^cal, ^ple, ^ful, ^tive, ^ling, ^ular, ^ster, ^ably, ^icide, ^ticious, ^fully, ^sation, ^ulation, ^tation, ^ify, ^ler, ^dition, ^tition
  • ^ization, ^ations, ^ification, ^ically, ^cate, ^tude
  • di^, bi^
  • anti^, super^, self-^, ^self, uni^, ortho^, inter^, auto^, macro^, micro^, retro^, contra^, neo^, counter^, mega^, ultra^, multi^
  • ^back, ^book, ^ville, ^-based, ^top, ^-looking, ^work, ^hood, ^-year, ^hand, ^ship, ^-free, ^-type, ^room, ^down, ^hold, ^-specific, ^-shaped, ^-proof, ^-wise, ^scape, ^land, ^over, ^men, ^-day, ^time, ^field
  • idio^, para-, ^logical, ^ologic, ^ological, pseudo^, ^ology, ^ette, ^tope, infra^

# Word Families

  • threefers
  • identity, identify, identification, identifier
  • idea, ideal, island, aisle, isle

# Broad discussion topics

  • S-P and TK-LS need to be mentioned here, maybe arrow key movements too?

Shortening principles:

  • -y words (oh my goodness 😮, this'll be big...)

    • KWREU
    • SKWREU
    • REU, HREU, PWEU...
  • -ie, -ey, -ee

  • Inversion

  • All top 100 words covered ✓

Words beginning with:

  • co, con, com
  • o, on
  • pre, pro
  • re, de
  • in, int, inter
  • un, under

Advanced number usage, such as -Z, -D, clock times, Roman numerals?

Brief families:

  • Months of the year, days of the week
  • Units inch, feet, kilometers, kilograms etc.
  • Phrases

I want to get Jeff to make illustrations, mainly to draw the exercise sentences. I want a wet rat to be hugged.

In the later lessons I think I'll move more into a format where I have one or two "letters" or stories as opposed to just the drilling sentences.

# Topics to cover

  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Cursor movement
  • Word joining