# Both sides V

Special thanks to Joe Wasson (opens new window) for funding this lesson.

This lesson covers how you write the initial and final V on the steno machine.

# Left side V

Left side V is given by the outline SR.

# S T K P W H R A O * E U F R P B L G T S D Z
  • SRAT: vat
  • SRET: vet
  • SROET: vote
  • SROU: vow
  • SROUL: vowel

# Right side V

Right side V is given by the outline *F, but if there is no conflict with a word ending in an "F" sound, the asterisk can be dropped. Most of the common words we deal with will not have the asterisk.

# S T K P W H R A O * E U F R P B L G T S D Z
  • KO*FT: covet
  • HROF, HRO*F: love
  • WOEF, WO*EF: wove
  • WOEFPB, WO*EFPB woven
  • HEFPB, H*EFPB heaven
  • KAEUF: cave
  • PAF: pave
  • PROF: prove
  • WAF: wave
  • SAF: save
  • HREUF: live
  • O*FPB: oven
  • SWEUFL, SW*EUFL swivel
  • WAEUF: waive, WA*EUF: waif (in this case, the rule is reversed because waif is a very uncommon word)

# Briefs

Chord Translation Notes
SR have
SRE very
OFPB often Contrast with "oven"
OFB obvious
OFBL obviously
OFBG of course
-FR ever
EFR every
EFRPB everyone
EFRB everybody
EFRG everything
TPOFR forever

# Practice

# 1. Translate

Write the English sentence represented by these outlines, including punctuation.

I'm going to put writing raw steno on hold, I have a project that will automate a lot of the lesson display and so it's more important for me to write up sentences than to transcribe them into lessons for the time being.

# 2. Find outlines

Find steno outlines that will write these English sentences, including punctuation.

  1. Have you ever wanted to travel the world?
  2. I very much want to be on TV tomorrow when I am at the fair.
  3. Everybody, shut up!
  4. I vow to love you forever.
  5. Of course I am their son, have you met my dad?
  6. The choice is obvious: cut the cord.
  7. It is hard to talk out loud when you do not have vowels.
  8. Obviously I am not in town very often or else you would have met me before.
  9. There, there now, everyone will forget about this before you know it.
  10. The facts should be obvious, they are easy to prove.
  11. Am I in heaven?
  12. Pave the way for a new way to save lives.
  13. Have you been there very often since everyone left?
  14. I live with my parents.
  15. I covet your oven. I want to have it and when I do I will warm my rat with it.