# Vowel eye

This lesson covers how you write the "eye" vowel sound in "buy" and "file".

The "eye" vowel is made with the outline AOEU.

# S T K P W H R A O * E U F R P B L G T S D Z
  • AOEU: eye
  • TPAOEUPBD: find
  • RAOEUT: right
  • KAOEUPBD: kind
  • HRAOEUBG: like
  • TAOEUPL: time
  • PWAOEU: buy
  • SHAOEU: shy
  • HRAOEU: lie
  • PWHRAOEUPBD: blind
  • SHAOEUPB: shine
  • SHRAOEUPB: shrine
  • PWRAOEUPB: brine
  • PWRAOEUD: bride
  • TKPWRAOEUPBGDZ: grindings (probably a hard stroke to make on anything but a professional machine with very light touch)

# Briefs

Chord Translation Notes
*EL he'll
SHAOEL she'll
WAOEL we'll
UL you'll

# Practice

# 1. Translate

Write the English sentence represented by these outlines, including punctuation.

# 2. Find outlines

Find steno outlines that will write these English sentences, including punctuation.

  1. It is your right to say that but it can still hurt my feelings.
  2. I've never seen you shine like on the day you turned into a bride.
  3. Meet her at the door, she'll be kind to you for your stay.
  4. I find that being right does not always mean being happy.
  5. Well, bye then, it was nice seeing you.
  6. I'm so shy that every now and then I lie to get out of parties so that I can stay home.
  7. Who can find the time to act like they care?
  8. We'll have an eye on you...